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Services to the Seller

Are you thinking about selling your home in Orihuela Costa and surroundings and want to maximize your online exposure? Our real estate services will help you stand out in today's competitive market!

Since our inception in 1999, we have positioned ourselves as a benchmark for home buyers of all nationalities looking for their spot under the sun. No one knows the area of Orihuela Costa and the southern Costa Blanca as intimately as we do. With our offices in Cabo Roig, Spain, we offer a wide range of services as real estate experts. We stand out as the leading real estate agency in Cabo Roig, with a team of multilingual sales agents highly trained dedicated to the sale of properties in Spain.

If you are considering selling your house in Orihuela Costa and its surroundings, do not hesitate to contact us for the assistance you need. We are here to ensure the process is as smooth and successful as possible for you.

Market analysis and property valuation

Our team of real estate agents performs a thorough analysis of the local market to determine the precise value of your property. We use up-to-date data and market trends to ensure your home is listed at the optimal price.

Professional property preparation - Homestaging

Our experts will provide you with personalized advice on how to prepare your house for sale. Homestaging and professional property preparation share the common goal of enhancing the appearance of a house to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Both approaches involve a combination of cleaning, repairs, depersonalization, home styling, and cosmetic enhancements to highlight the best features of the property and increase its perceived value. From minor repairs to significant improvements, we will help you highlight the most attractive aspects of your property in Costa Blanca.

Professional Presentation Design

In our arsenal of creative tools, we have a high-end digital photography team that transcends the limits of static capture. Beyond conventional photography, our team is capable of capturing moving moments, bringing your projects to life through captivating videos.

Furthermore, we excel in creating 360-degree presentations, an immersive experience that transports your audience to a visually stunning and completely immersive world. With cutting-edge technology and a focus on visual excellence, we take your ideas beyond the ordinary, transforming each presentation into a unique and unforgettable experience.

Additionally, we incorporate the unique perspective that only a drone can offer. With this tool, we capture images from impressive heights, providing a panoramic and aerial view that adds depth and dynamism to your visual projects.

Customized Digital Marketing

With a focus on digital marketing, we create customized strategies to promote your property online. From detailed listings on real estate websites to targeted ads on social networks, we ensure that your home is seen by the maximum number of potential buyers.

Coordinated Visits and Showings

We take care of coordinating all visits and showings of your property, ensuring that each interested buyer has the opportunity to experience your home at its best.

Expert Offer Negotiation

Our real estate agents have extensive experience in negotiation and are committed to obtaining the best price and terms for your sale. We ensure to represent your interests at every step of the negotiation process.

Seamless Closing

From arranging inspections to preparing documents and formalities, we handle all the details to ensure a seamless closing and a smooth transition for you and your buyer.

Post-Sale Follow-Up

Our commitment doesn't end at closing. We are available for any questions or inquiries you may have after the sale is complete, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services.

Don't let your home get lost in the sea of online properties. With our specialized real estate services, we will help you stand out and achieve the best possible outcome in

What documents do I need to sell my house?

To sell a house in Costa Blanca, Spain, you will need to gather a number of documents that are necessary to complete the transaction legally and smoothly. Mevilla, as a company specialized in real estate transactions in Costa Blanca, ensures that all necessary documents are in place and that the sales process is conducted according to the law and without problems. We will help you obtain the necessary documents.

  • Deed of Property (Deed of Sale): This is the official document that shows you are the legal owner of the property. You must present an updated and complete copy of the property deed.
  • Property Registration Certificate: Provides information about the legal status of the property, including details about the current owners and any encumbrances or liens that may affect the property.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate: Mandatory in Spain to sell a property, it assesses the energy efficiency of the dwelling and must be up to date.
  • Habitability Certificate: Certifies that the property meets the minimum habitability and quality conditions, especially important if it is sold as a regular dwelling. It has a validity of five years. When it expires, the owner must request its renewal at the corresponding town hall. This will ensure obtaining a new certificate, known as the Second Occupation License, in the name of the property owner.
  • Latest utility bills: You must provide the latest utility bills (electricity, water, gas) to demonstrate that payments are up to date and to give the buyer an idea of the costs associated with the property.
  • Property Tax (IBI): Important to have the IBI payment up to date to demonstrate that there are no outstanding debts associated with the property.
  • Community of Owners Certificate: Confirms that you are up to date with community payments if the property is in a community or development with common areas.
  • Property plans: Although not mandatory, they can be useful for the buyer and facilitate the sales process.
  • NIE (Foreigner Identification Number): Necessary for foreigners without residency in Spain, it is a tax identification number needed to complete the sales transaction.
  • Documentation related to mortgages or encumbrances: If there is a mortgage or other encumbrances on the property, you must provide relevant documentation showing their status.
What are the costs associated with selling a home?
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