<strong>Ultimate guide</strong> to selling your property in Costa Blanca, Spain <strong>Ultimate guide</strong> to selling your property in Costa Blanca, Spain

Ultimate guide to selling your property in Costa Blanca, Spain

Selling a property in the beautiful Costa Blanca can be a challenge, but with the right guidance, it can become an exciting and rewarding experience. Our expert guide will accompany you at every step of the sales process, from initial preparation to successful closing. Discover key tips, effective strategies, and everything you need to know to maximize the value of your property and achieve your sales goals. Trust our experience to make your real estate sale a hassle-free and successful experience. Start your journey towards a successful sale right now!

Table of Contents:

01. Find a reliable real estate agent in Orihuela costa

It is crucial to highlight the importance of having a real estate agent throughout the selling process. An agent brings valuable knowledge, experience, and a professional network that are essential from the start. Ultimately, real estate agents significantly increase the likelihood of success in any transaction due to their professional attributes and specialized skills. When looking for a real estate agent, it is essential to consider the following aspects:

  • Establish a comfortable connection with the selected agent. Smooth communication and mutual trust are key to ensuring an honest professional relationship that enhances the success of selling your property.
  • Choose an agent with extensive experience and a proven track record in the real estate sector. This will ensure that your time is invested efficiently and effectively throughout the selling process.
  • Prioritize agents with specific experience in marketing properties in the location of your home. This will increase the chances of achieving a successful sale.
  • Select an agent with solid knowledge of the real estate market for an accurate valuation of your property. Factors such as area, location, views, and construction quality are fundamental in determining a realistic market value.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations from the start of the selling process to avoid misunderstandings. Details such as the inclusion of furniture, inventory of sale in case of pending works, among others, should be openly discussed.
  • Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to the agent. They are there to resolve any doubts and provide the necessary support throughout the entire process.

Here are some key questions you can ask your real estate agent:

  • What is your sales record in the area?
  • What would be an appropriate valuation for my property?
  • How many properties are you currently managing?
  • What is your success rate in sales?
  • How will you plan and coordinate property viewings?

Once you have set your expectations and asked these questions, your agent will be able to offer you accurate market evaluations, comparisons of recently sold property prices in the area, and valuable information about the real estate market in Orihuela Costa, including specific details about the location of your property.

During this stage, it is advisable to ask your agent to inform you in detail about the expenses and taxes associated before and after the sale. A lack of understanding of these costs is often a common mistake among sellers; therefore, it is essential to be fully informed about them before putting your property on the market.

Here on our blog, you'll find out why you need an agent in Orihuela Costa.

02. Prepare your home in Orihuela Costa for sale

Preparing your property for sale can generate both anxiety and excitement. To ensure you achieve the optimal selling price, it is crucial to follow these four essential steps when putting your house on the market.

First, consider the perspective of potential buyers. Features that you value may not be equally attractive to others. For example, vibrant colors on the walls could be seen as an additional cost if buyers prefer a more neutral color palette.

Second, determine if your home requires renovations, minor repairs, cleaning/organization, or simply a style update using interior design techniques. List all the improvements or adjustments needed as you tour your property.

Third, we have a team of helpful and accessible real estate agents who are at your disposal to provide you with a free, no-obligation property valuation. Moreover, they will be happy to offer expert advice on renovations or minor repairs that could enhance the value of your property.

Lastly, it is important to assess the difficulty level and requirements of each task. Decide whether you have the necessary skills to tackle them yourself or if you require the help of a professional. Remember, meticulous preparation is key to ensuring a successful sale.

This translation aims to convey the steps to prepare a property for sale in a manner that is clear and actionable for an English-speaking audience. If you have further requirements or need translations into other languages, feel free to let me know!

Staging Your Home in Orihuela Costa

After researching, it has become clear that your priority should be focused on presenting your home for viewings. It is crucial to ensure that the property looks its best, as poor presentation can thwart many sales. This is the famous home staging.

The first essential step is to declutter the house to create an immediately clean and welcoming atmosphere. It is recommended to remove personal items such as photographs, jewelry, and toys, storing them out of sight to maintain a more neutral environment. In addition, it is important to eliminate overly personal decorative pieces and worn-out furniture that could negatively impact the final impression of your home.

Compiling a detailed list of items that should not be removed is essential. This will facilitate the identification of potential issues, from small chips in the paint to leaks and appliance malfunctions, ensuring that everything is in perfect working order.

It is crucial to address these issues during the preparation of the house to avoid setbacks. It is also recommended to make small improvements such as painting and polishing the floor, as well as hiring professionals for a thorough cleaning before the viewings.

Once your house is physically ready to be shown, it is important to start the property inventory. This step should be completed before the viewings, as it can influence the outcome of the negotiation. Our experience indicates that a sale can fail if the inventory and extras do not match what was initially agreed upon. Therefore, ensure you have an updated and finalized inventory at the time you put your property on the market.

Given that your agent has experience with property viewings, they can offer their valuable opinion and provide recommendations on how to effectively present your property to attract potential buyers.

03. Commissioning the sale of your property in Orihuela Costa

A property sales mandate is a formal agreement in which the owner or seller authorizes a real estate agent to represent them in the sale of a real estate property, such as a house, an apartment, or land. This contract specifies the terms and conditions of the sale, such as the price, the agent's commissions, the duration of the contract, and the responsibilities of both parties. This document is fundamental in the real estate market to clearly establish the conditions of the transaction and formalize the relationship between the owner and the real estate agent.

04. How to sell your property in Orihuela Costa

Successful marketing of a property is crucial for its sale, along with the experience of your agent. Therefore, having the right marketing strategies is essential.

At Mevilla, we take pride in managing all marketing materials internally. We implement a standard 7-day strategy for all our listings, which involves completing all marketing within a week from the first action. This strategy distinguishes us in Orihuela Costa.

Mevilla Real Estate always strives to offer innovative and personalized marketing strategies to our clients. We are dedicated to creating unique approaches tailored to each property, ensuring that the marketing assets are distinctive and never repeated.

We have a team of experts equipped to transform the visual representation of your property, using professional photography and videos. Additionally, we offer virtual tours in VR and 3D using cutting-edge technology for those who cannot physically attend.

We leverage our social media channels to promote your property, including creating and posting on Mevilla Real Estate's YouTube channel. We also design and send personalized emails to our clients to promote your property.

05. Viewings to sell a property in Orihuela Costa

Property viewings are an essential part of the sales process, as they allow potential buyers to experience the feel of being inside the space and visualize what it would be like to live there. Properly preparing the house before any marketing activity is crucial. This involves ensuring that the property is in optimal condition, clean, and tidy, so that the photographs and videos used in the promotion reflect its best appearance.

Before the first viewing, it is important for the owner to communicate their preferences to their agent and highlight the aspects of the property they would like to emphasize. Collaboration between the owner and the agent is fundamental to convey an accurate and appealing image of the property.

Offering flexibility in viewing schedules can significantly increase the chances of a sale. Potential buyers may have busy schedules, so being willing to schedule visits at times convenient for them can make a difference. In our experience, it is advisable that the owner not be present during the viewings. This allows potential buyers to explore the property more comfortably and without feeling inhibited. Additionally, the real estate agent is trained to answer questions and highlight the most relevant aspects of the property in a professional manner.

Virtual tours have also gained popularity and can be an effective tool to attract interested buyers who cannot visit the property in person.

It is important to ensure that virtual tours are well planned and informative to guarantee a positive experience for the buyer.

In summary, proper preparation of the property and collaboration with an experienced agent are key to ensuring that viewings are productive and contribute to the success of selling the property.

Furthermore, your agent will keep you informed of all the viewings conducted, comparing them with previous successful visits and sales to provide you with a more comprehensive view when considering offers. A competent agent will not pressure you to accept any particular offer but will guide you through your options and provide professional advice to make the best decision possible.

06. Negotiating with the home buyer in Orihuela Costa

During this stage, the experience and knowledge of your real estate agent will be invaluable. Your agent will start presenting you with offers from potential buyers. Maintaining a cordial relationship with your agent is beneficial, as they can help you make more informed and suitable decisions about which offer to consider.

Additionally, your agent will keep you informed about all the visits made, comparing them with previous successful visits and sales to provide you with a more comprehensive view when considering offers. A competent agent will not force you to accept a particular offer but will guide you through your options and provide professional advice to make the best decision possible.

Imagine you are selling your home and during negotiations with a potential buyer, you agree to renovate the kitchen before closing the sale. However, throughout the negotiation process, you do not specify the exact details of the renovation, such as the type of appliances, countertop materials, or the overall design.

The buyer, excited by the idea of a renovated kitchen, accepts the offer expecting a modern and functional space. However, when the renovation is completed, the buyer discovers that the finishes are not of the expected quality, the appliances are low-end, and the design does not suit their personal tastes. As a result, the buyer feels disappointed and deceived, which could lead them to reconsider their offer and even withdraw from the purchase agreement.

In both cases, the lack of clear and detailed communication about what is expected and what will be delivered can lead to misunderstandings, disappointments, and possibly the breakdown of the real estate transaction. It is crucial to establish clear and transparent expectations from the beginning to avoid conflicts and ensure a satisfactory experience for both parties involved.

Consequently, before considering any offer, it is essential that you compile a detailed inventory and all relevant information about the property. Additionally, we strongly recommend establishing a specific budget for such scenarios, and that this budget be agreed upon with the buyer in advance. This way, the buyer might be willing to cover the difference in costs to enhance the quality of what they are acquiring, rather than just accepting the renovation of the kitchen in the home without a clear reference of the associated expenses.

Reservation Contract Signing

Once you have evaluated the offers with your agent, you will make an informed decision about which one to accept, including the price. Subsequently, your agent will prepare a reservation contract for signing, which will encompass all the terms agreed upon during the negotiations. This is where the contract signing stage begins, under the supervision of your agent.

Should lawyers be involved, your agent will coordinate with your lawyers the signing of the reservation contract between you and the buyer, as well as the reservation fee. Subsequently, the buyer will proceed to sign a private contract and make a payment equivalent to 10% of the purchase price or a percentage agreed upon by both buyer and seller.

The reservation fee and the initial 10% deposit are generally non-refundable. This contract represents a binding commitment between both parties, meaning you cannot withdraw from the sale without incurring financial penalties imposed by the buyer. Moreover, the contract is subject to legal and technical due diligence. This means that if any of the due diligence is delayed or yields negative results, the buyer has the right to terminate the agreement and request a refund without any penalty.

07. Closing the Sale of a Property in Orihuela Costa

Once the initial contracts have been signed and all legal requirements met, your agent or lawyer will be available to guide you through the rest of the process and prepare you for the signing of the closing documents.

It is essential that all parties involved attend the signing of the deed at the notary's office. This step facilitates an immediate transfer of ownership, with full responsibility for the property passing to the buyer, which entails the legal transfer of ownership. The payment for the acquisition of the property is made simultaneously according to the previously agreed payment conditions. Once the property has officially been sold, your lawyer will ensure that all payments are complete and that the property transfer has been duly registered.

Mevilla's real estate agents will accompany you at every stage, using their vast experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Orihuela Costa to ensure a successful and swift sale. They will be at your disposal at all times, prioritizing your expectations, offering you the most suitable advice, listening to your needs and objectives, optimizing the presentation of your property, and providing support at every phase of the sale.

Trust us when we say that your satisfaction with our services will be reflected in the results you achieve from the beginning. Our success is closely linked to yours, so let's work together to achieve success!

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